Satellite IoT projects

Below some of the customer projects and a number of EU/ESA research projects we have been involved in.

Windpark Monitoring and Control

Mast of windmills need to be absolutely straight. During the built of windmills in the North Sea, advanced measurement equipment maintained live communication with the on shore data centre. Via satellite. 

Seismic Monitoring

For a project in the Middle East we provided a seismic monitoring solution.
Because of the high measurement frequency a "traditional vsat" was used. 

SNG Monitoring and Control

Managing a mobile video uplink during a motor race through the US, guaranteed continuous live streams from the event to viewers in Europe

ESA and EU research projects we have been involved in

Windpark Monitoring and Control

Developing a cloud-based and interactive communication and monitoring solution for the construction and operation phase of offshore wind farms.

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Satellite Based Alarm and Surveillance System

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Satellite Integrated Services for the Year 2000

Start of our co-operation with an EU funded project to make an efficient satellite communications platform.

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