M2sat IoT Communicator

This savvy edge processor take care your global IoT applications is low cost and has low power consumption.

It manages sensor measurements and the transmission schedule of the data, and the more clever you configure it, the lower your power consumption and connectivity costs.

Network Agnostic Global IoT connectivity (Satellite/2G cellular)

Depending on your application, location or regulatory requirements, the IoT Communicator selects the optimal and cost effective (satellite) IoT network.

This makes your global IoT network future proof without lock-in to a single network. Plus: your sensor and API integration work will be leveraged over all (existing and future) satellite networks.

M2sat DataXChange

Your single point of access for all sensor data, alarms or report messages coming in over the different satellite and terrestrial networks.

The DataXchange delivers clean manageable data in usable formats in any format required.

Via API, mail or FTP you can sync your data to you analytics server or application dashboard.