Satellite IoT 
on the verge of a new era ! ?

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Global IoT disruption is near 

Low Earth Orbit satellite IoT constellations will provide low cost, low power, global IoT connectivity and disrupt the global IoT market. Nearly 40 networks are in the market. 

M2sat remote connectivity

We are experts in satellite (IoT) networks since 25 years. We know what we talk about, providing Sat-IoT networks that are cost effective, and future proof. 

Keep it simple
Rapid developments in IoT connectivity, sensor technology, edge and cloud processing make the IoT value chain very complex.

Our solution: keep it simple  

Huge sat-IoT opportunities!

This will create tremendous opportunities in many sectors, particularly for the wide area monitoring networks needed to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals: in weather / climate, public infrastructure, water management, environmental monitoring and intelligent agriculture.

We are experts

M2sat is a long time expert in Satellite (IoT) connectivity providing solutions and satellite networks for critical communications for government, the maritime market, the media market, or the monitoring of essential infrastructures in the Energy and Utility market.  

Our network agnostic solution

Smart sat-IoT applications are needed to keep costs and power consumption low.
M2sat's philosophy is to keep satellite application development simple: one interface in the field for the sensor and one API at the back end, supporting all satellite IoT networks.