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SNGstreamer Introduktion

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Corporate stream Scotland


Temporary video uplinks and broadband IP connectivity for video production companies, regional or local TV stations, newsgatherers, event organisers, sponsors of sports events, remote teams of international corporations, emergency respons teams, safety and rescue teams, governmental organisations.

RentSat uplink unit

All your team takes along is an auto-pointing satellite antenna and a flight case to connect their video, audio or IP-equipment. The antenna fits on any vehicle. The RentSat uplink unit makes a satellite connection to a M2sat downlink station and from there to your studio, headquarters or the internet. Click here for more information

Generate additional revenues!

The new technology of RentSat provides you with an opportunity to generate additonal revenues by streaming your video production or event live onto a TV-channel or to the internet without any investments. Just rent our equipment on a per day basis and purchase bandwidth as you need. Your team can work with the unit in no time.

How does it work?

RentSat Features:

  • Rent per day
  • Pay only what you use
  • Easy to operate
  • Remote controlled
  • Dedicated bandwith up to 5 Mbps
  • Connect with your A/V network in studio
  • Connect to internet or corporate network
  • Stream directly to your website or to a CDN
  • Revenue generator

The M2sat RentSat unit provides you with a temporary solution with a no hassle deployment. You just rent our equipment on a per day basis and purchase bandwidth as you need.